With all the parts and pieces to a home, there is always something that needs to be fixed, replaced, or cleaned.  Not to mention all of the things inside your home that could be updated or replaced…

General Repairs

These are things around the house that need a little TLC.  Did something get broken, damaged, or is it all out missing?

Home Maintenance

The things around the house that need constant attention… Dirty furnace filter, a light that went out, a clogged drain, hot water heater needs a flush, etc.


Home Improvement

Is your home outdated?  Does it need some color?  Is it time for some new flooring?  Need new decor hung?  Does your new TV need to be installed on your wall?  Need extra storage in your garage or Bedrooms?


Home / Garage / Office / Lawn

Your Home is under constant stress, from daily foot traffic, to ordinary use and abuse.  Living space may become damaged, broken, or grow legs and disappear all together through this journey called life.

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Nordic handymen can install or repair Tile, Wood, Vinyl, etc.  Sorry folks, we don’t install carpet, but we can remove it.

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We can take care of hole patching and or stress cracks in your walls or ceiling. 

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What kind of concrete issues are you experiencing?  Crack repair, caulking, and small area replacement.

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Interior / Exterior.

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Pressure Washing

What can we clean for you?  Anything from your home to patio, to even your vehicle.  Just give us a call today!

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Nordic can service many things in your home.  Some of the tasks we can perform include, but are not limited to: changing filters, replacing light bulbs, flushing hot water heaters, etc. 

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Home and rental deep cleaning, even including those hard to clean areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.  Drain unplugging.  Garage de-cluttering.  Gutter cleaning.  Many more!

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Need a fresh coat of paint or a new look?  We can spray, brush, or roll on some paint to any interior or exterior surface.

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We can demo out your old flooring and install an upgrade or replacement.  We can install tile, wood, and vinyl planks.

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Baseboard / Crown Moulding

We can replace or install new baseboard and Crown moulding for you at any time.  Let us know what we can do for you. 

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Need some extra storage space in your closets or garage?  Yep!  We install shelving too!

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