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With nearly two decades in the construction industry, Nordic has accumulated a wealth of experience across a diverse spectrum. From hardscape landscaping to home remodel projects, our skilled handymen have successfully tackled it all.

Born from the cold lands of the North, Nordic Services & Repair LLC. has sprung into existence, bringing the spirit of Viking heritage to the sunny South. As the owner and creator, we embark on a journey of conquering construction projects near you.

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Handymen at Nordic bring accountability and detail orientated work ethics back to the jobsite.  No customer is left unsatisfied with our services. 

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We support every project from start to finish—demolition, material handling, installation. Simplifying your journey.

  • Residential Repairs
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Raised in the heart of the Midwest, I’ve brought more than a smile to Florida—it’s accompanied by a strong work ethic and unwavering integrity. Ready to bring that winning combination to your jobsite. Let’s get to work!

Proudly serving Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Matlacha, and Pine Island. We’re your go-to team for all your needs.



Handyman Expert


My journey in the construction industry started in my early teens, lending a hand to family and friends with home improvement projects. In my 20s, I honed my skills with the Laborer’s Union in Minnesota, gaining experience across various fields. More recently, I’ve delved into numerous HOA maintenance projects. Now, having brought years of experience to Florida, Nordic Home Services & Repair is here to assist you with construction and maintenance needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email today—we’re ready to bring your vision to life!


With a broad range of Construction experience and a variety of work needed in Lee County, please feel free to reach out to Nordic Home Services & Repair LLC. for a free estimate today!

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